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Year 12 NCEA


Year 12 Graphic Calculator notes

This file gives the steps required to use your graphics calculator relevant to the Year 12 standards. The full manual can be found at: support.casio.com/manual.

Formula Sheet

The formulas that will be provided in the external exams.

The NZQA Level 2 Exemplars

The exemplars for this year's units, showing what they expect at the various grade boundaries.

Year Plan for External Course

This is a plan only, and times will change somewhat with circumstances.

Term Topic Internal/External Credits Time
One 2.1  Co-ordinate geometry Internal 2 Credits 4 weeks
2.6  Algebra External 4 Credits 6 weeks
Two 2.4  Trigonometric Relationships Internal 4 Credits 3 weeks
Mid-Year Exams 1 week
2.6  Non-linear Graphs Not examined 2 weeks
2.7  Calculus External 5 Credits 4 weeks
Three 2.4  Calculus contd. 2 weeks
2.12  Probability External 4 Credits 5 weeks
Trial Exams
1 week
Revision 1 week
Four 2.14  Equations Internal 2 Credits 2 weeks
Exam Revision
1 week


My preferred initial contact is via e-mail: mplant @ stjohns-hamilton.school.nz (no gaps).

If you want to talk directly, then a telephone call back or a meeting at school can be arranged.