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I teach Statistics only intermittently, so these pages are not regularly updated.

Year Plan

This is a plan only, and times will change somewhat with circumstances.

Term Topic Internal/External Credits Time
3.15 Solving Equations
3 Credits 5 wks
3.13 Probability External 4 Credits 5 wks
Two 3.8 Time Series
Internal 4 Credits 3 wks
Mid-Year Exams
1 wk
     Time Series continued
    2 wks
  3.2 Linear Programming Internal 3 Credits 4 wks
Three 3.9 Probability Distributions External 4 Credits 6 wks

Trial Exams
1 wk
3.5 Bivariate Data Internal 3 Credits 2 wks
Four      Bivariate Data continued
3 wks
Exam Revision

3 wks


My preferred initial contact is via e-mail: mplant @ stjohns-hamilton.school.nz (no gaps).

If you want to talk directly, then a telephone call back or a meeting at school can be arranged.